Simplify Device Setup with SmartLink

We’ve recently updated the MeShare app, and we’re excited to introduce our new and revolutionary setup feature, SmartLink!   SmartLink is the easiest way to set up smart devices and connect them. With SmartLink, there are no QR codes involved. All you need to do to connect your compatible device to your MeShare account is […]

The MeShare Reviewers Program

We have exciting news! We are officially launching the MeShare Reviewers Program! At MeShare, we strive to make your experience with our products and services the best that it can be, and a major part of that involves hearing from you. So we created this program to give you the opportunity to apply to become […]

MeShare’s New Logo Puts the Emphasis on Sharing

  We recently updated our logo to reflect our company’s vision to be not just a smart home products and cloud service provider, but also a sharing platform that allows you to connect in new ways. In the latest version of the MeShare app, you’ll notice a new tab called “People” where you can see […]

Meshare Camera App Updates

Happy New Year! We hope you are enjoying 2015 so far, and we’re excited to share with you a few important announcements of what we’re doing with the Meshare Camera. You ask, we listen. We are very grateful for your feedback and are working hard to address your needs. A top request we received was […]

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