October 27, 2016 - 3:22 pm

Partner of the Month: The Cat Cafe

Editor’s note: Can you imagine a place where people get relaxed, cats get adopted, shelter gets helped, and coffee get tasted? Yes this week we are proud to present one of our oldest partners, Cat Cafe!

Cat Cafe 1

The concept of a cat cafe is not new. Originating in Taiwan in the late 1990s, they’ve spread through much of the world. But until December 2015, the United States did not have any cat cafes. This was likely due to the challenges of complying with health codes in the United States, which do not allow the preparation of food and animals to mix. Working within these rules was difficult, but enough people dedicated to helping adoptable cats find homes took up the challenge. The first cat cafe in the United States, Cat Town, opened in November 2014. When The Cat Cafe opened in January 2015, it was the fifth one in the United States.


The Cat Cafe partners with San Diego Humane Society, which provides all of the animals as well as food and any medical care that’s needed. Since opening in January 2015, The Cat Cafe has sent nearly 200 cats to good homes. This is because we provide customers who are interested in adopting cats with a much more relaxed and welcoming environment than a typical shelter environment. Rather than expressing interest in a specific animal and being led to that cat, visitors can relax and enjoy their time with the cats in the playpen.

Cat Cafe 2

For the cats, it’s a much more home like environment than a shelter environment. It is a cage free environment where the animals can roam as they see fit. Urban Feline, located in San Diego, built a wall so that the cats would have plenty of enrichment options.


The MeShare cameras help The Cat Cafe by allowing people to see what it’s like inside so that they know that the cats are enjoying their time here. It also helps pique interest, and many people see the cats playing and decide to see it for themselves. Once they do that, they have the chance to enjoy award winning coffee from West Coast Coffee Roasters, espresso drinks made from Cafe Virtuoso’s top five roast, cookies from the Cravory, and pastries from Bread & Cie.

Check out the Live MeShare Animal Cam of The Cat Cafe below! 


p.s. Help The Cat Cafe Build a Sidewalk Cafe
We limit the number of people in the playpen to 16 people to keep the cats from getting stressed. That means we have people waiting, and we want to give them a comfortable place to sit while they do this. We’re a small business, and capital expenses like these put a big strain on our resources. Please help us by contributing what you can. Thank you!


Credit: photos from the Cat Cafe website.

The MeShare Animal Cam Program periodically gives away WiFi live streaming cameras to ALL eligible animal shelters and rescues across the US. If you are from an animal shelter/rescue please fill in the camera request form. If you’re not please send your request to Wayne at [email protected].

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